We offer diving tours in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Both diving on wrecks and diving on reefs are possible.
You'll see a variety of flora and fauna under water.
Guided tours or personal training are possible with us.

Whether it is the start of your diving experience or as advanced as Rescue or Divemaster courses.
The possibilities in the form of specialty programs is enormous.

For Nitrox diving you can contact us for the specialty or simply a practice dive.
Furthermore there is an enthusiastic team ready to assist you where possible. They are experienced people who all share the passion for diving. You can always ask any of them all of your questions.

We offer refills in the form of compressed air and Nitrox.
Furthermore, we can also perform inspections for tanks and other diving equipment.

We try to stick to a maximum number of people for our cruises so that this does not compromise the comfort on board.
There is also a swimming pool where the training will be given and at the end of a day of diving a relaxed cooling down.
The ability to rinse your equipment isn't missing either. There is freshwater available for rinsing the vending and photo/ film equipment and the suits/ jackets and fins.


If anything is missing or failing on your equipment then there is the possibility of substitution or purchase at the location of Divesafaris.
The Scuba Shop is also present at our location; they carry all you might need for diving and other water sports. You can find it here from divemask, head, to toe, fins, and everything in between.


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